Wiring lifts (Part 1).

Should be a lawn diagram If one of your balls has no shot at any of the other 3 balls and your opponent is responsible for its position, you can lift it and play it from either baulk.

To 'have a shot' your ball must be able to hit either side of another ball.

In the diagram you are Black and Blue. Your opponent has broken down at 2-back with Yellow.

Your Black ball is for hoop 1 - what do you do?

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Just a green bar

Lawn diagram Answer: Claim the wiring lift.

Black is clearly wired from the 2 further balls but is also wired from Yellow (although Black can clearly hit Yellow it cannot hit the right hand side of it).

Lift Black to B baulk and rush Red to hoop 2. Take off to Blue and then to Yellow.

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