A common early problem.

Should be a lawn diagramIt's near the start of the game.

All balls are for hoop 1.

Your Red and Yellow balls are together on the East boundary. Your opponent shoots at you with Black and misses.

You now have three balls together and can organise a rush to hoop 1. Do you aim to rush your partner ball or the opponent's ball?

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Just a green bar

Lawn diagram Answer: The opponent's ball.

Imagine what happens if you don't get position for hoop 1:-

If you rushed your partner ball: You will have to lay up at hoop 1 (very dangerous if the opponent hits in) or separate your balls (and lose the innings). He also has a safe shot playing Blue to Black on the East boundary (if he hits he has an excellent break opportunity, if he doesn't you have a difficult break opportunity).

If you rushed the opponent ball: You just retreat to your partner on the East boundary with a good leave - you've left one of his balls at hoop 1 and the other at hoop 2.

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