Stop and think.

Should be a lawn diagramYou're playing Red/Yellow and your opponent broke down at hoop 2.

As your yellow ball is also for hoop 2 you played it and have just hit in with it.

On your croquet shot do you plan where to take off to or do you just say to yourself, "As long as I get near the Blue and Black I'm bound to make the hoop."?

Where should you be aiming for - X1, X2 or X3?

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Just a green bar

Lawn diagram Answer: X3.

You should be planning how you can turn a windfall (2 balls at your hoop) into a break. The key is to send one of the balls to hoop 3 before making hoop 2.

The ball nearer the hoop is the better pioneer for hoop 2, so you need to send the black ball to 3. The easiest way is to rush it to the west boundary and then send it to hoop 3 while going to the blue ball at hoop 2.

This simple bit of planning ahead should turn a promising situation into a certain break.

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