Digging out the 4th ball.

Should be a lawn diagramYou are playing Yellow, approaching hoop 2. You would like to dig Black out of corner 3 if you could.

Where should you try and rush Blue to after making the hoop, X1, X2 or X3?

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Just a green bar

Lawn diagram Answer: X3

If you are happy to leave black in corner 3 then X1 is a good option (3-ball break style).

If you are going to dig black out, you might go for X2 as a good place to leave Blue as a pivot. You then take off to Black and send it to hoop 4 while holding for Red at hoop 3. Instant 4-ball break. The problem is the take off to corner 3 from X2.

Better still is to rush to X3 - it's a shorter take off and there's nothing in the way. X3 isn't too bad as a pivot (you can always move it nearer the middle with a thick take off).

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