Where is the pivot (Part 2)?

Should be a lawn diagramPlaying Blue, you are approaching hoop 2.

After making the hoop you'll be roqueting Black.

Where would you like to rush Black to - X1, X2 or X3?

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Just a green bar

Lawn diagram Answer: X2

Rush Black to X1 and you'll need a drive/half roll to send it to hoop 4 while going to the Yellow.

Rush Black to X3 means a half roll splitting over to the Yellow or a stop shot ignoring the pivot.

From X2 , a simple straight drive sends the black ball to hoop 4 while your ball goes to the pivot. Just as important it almost guarantees a rush on the pivot towards the right hand side of the lawn.

NOTE: To rush to X2 you approach hoop 2 sending the black ball to the left of the hoop.

Don't get into a rut of always sending the hoop 1 ball to the right of the hoop, always sending the hoop 2 ball to the right, etc. - check where the pivot is and plan ahead. 

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