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European Championships
September 19-22, 2003


Jersey Croquet Club [view 1] [view 2]
2002 full results
Previous winners (from 1993 on)
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Block play

Matthew Burrow (Jersey) [photo]
Paolo de Petra (Italy) [photo]
Peter Payne(Switzerland) [photo]
Bruno Hess (Germany) [photo]
Jean-Yves Guermont (France)
  M.Burrow beat Petra +19
  M.Burrow beat P.Payne +22
  M.Burrow beat B. Hess +19
  M.Burrow beat J-Y.Guermont +26tp Petra beat P.Payne +15 Petra beat B. Hess +1(t) Petra beat J-Y.Guermont +18
  P.Payne beat B. Hess +14(t)
  P.Payne beat J-Y.Guermont +22
  B. Hess beat J-Y.Guermont +18
Qualifiers: M.Burrow, Petra. P.Payne, B.Hess.
Stephen Mulliner (England) [photo]
Simon Williams (Ireland) [photo]
Giampietro Donati (Italy) [photo]
Philip Archer (Guernsey) [photo]
Jan Lundberg (Sweden) [photo]
  S.Mulliner beat S. Williams +19
  S.Mulliner beat GP Donati +13
  S.Mulliner beat P.Archer +26tp
  S.Mulliner beat J.A. Lundberg +26tp
  S. Williams beat GP Donati +21tp
  S. Williams beat P.Archer +22
  S. Williams beat J.A. Lundberg +21
  GP Donati beat P.Archer +13(t)
  GP Donati beat J.A. Lundberg +12
  P.Archer beat J.A. Lundberg +19
Qualifiers: S.Mulliner, S.Williams, GP Donati, P.Archer.
Jonathan Kirby (Scotland) [photo]
Tony Mrozinski (Wales) [photo]
Fernando de Ansorena (Spain) [photo]
Kevin Wells (Isle of Man) [photo]
John Taylor (Jersey) [photo]
  J.Kirby beat T.Mrozinski +26tp
  J.Kirby beat Ansorena +26tp
  J.Kirby beat K.Wells +24
  J.Kirby beat J.Taylor +26
  A.Mrozinski beat Ansorena +2(t)
  A.Mrozinski beat K.Wells +21
  A.Mrozinski beat J.Taylor +21(t) Ansorena beat K.Wells +8(t) Ansorena beat J.Taylor +2(t)
  K.Wells beat J.Taylor +1(t)
Qualifiers: J.Kirby, A.Mrozinski, Ansorena, K.Wells.
Robert Fulford (England) [photo]
Jonathan Lamb (Belgium) [photo]
Sarah Burrow (Jersey) [photo]
Edoardo Lualdi (Italy) [photo]
Andres Alvarez-Sala (Spain)
  R.Fulford beat J.Lamb +26sxp
  R.Fulford beat S.Burrow +26sxp
  R.Fulford beat E.Lualdi +26sxp
  R.Fulford beat A.Alvarez-Sala +18sxp
  E.Lualdi beat J.Lamb +8
  E.Lualdi beat S.Burrow +21
  E.Lualdi beat A.Alvarez-Sala +16
  S.Burrow beat J.Lamb +8
  S.Burrow beat A.Alvarez-Sala +22
  J.Lamb beat A.Alvarez-Sala +16
Qualifiers: R.Fulford, E.Lualdi, S.Burrow, J.Lamb.

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Knockout - First Round

S.Mulliner beat B.Hess +24
A.Mrozinski beat S.Burrow +5(t)
M.Burrow beat P.Archer +26
E.Lualdi beat Ansorena +10(t)
J.Kirby beat J.Lamb +6(t)
P.Payne beat S.Williams +13
R.Fulford beat K.Wells +17
GP Donati beat Petra +9(t)

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Quarter Finals

S.Mulliner beat A.Mrozinski +26, +23tp
M.Burrow beat E.Lualdi +7tp, +3
J.Kirby beast P.Payne +12, +16tp
R.Fulford beat GP Donati +19, +21

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Semi Finals

S.Mulliner beat M.Burrow +13tpo, +5tpo
R.Fulford beat J.Kirby +14tp, +18tp

Third place playoff

J.Kirby beat M.Burrow +19

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S.Mulliner beat R.Fulford -26tp, +26tp, +17tp [photo]

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Final placings

European Champion: Stephen Mulliner (England)
Runner up: Robert Fulford (England)
Third place: Jonathan Kirby (Scotland)
Fourth place: Matthew Burrow (Jersey)