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European Championships, September 16-18, 2005
Venue: Jersey Croquet Club

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Block play

Matthew Burrow (Jersey)
Bruce Rannie (Scotland)
Rodolphe Dourthe (France)
John Swabey (Belgium)
Simon Carlsson (Sweden)
    M.Burrow beat B.Rannie
    M.Burrow beat R.Dourthe
    M.Burrow beat J.Swabey
    M.Burrow beat S.Carlsson
    R.Dourthe beat B.Rannie
    R.Dourthe beat J.Swabey
    R.Dourthe beat S.Carlsson
    B.Rannie beat J.Swabey
    B.Rannie beat S.Carlsson
    J.Swabey beat S.Carlsson
Qualifiers: M.Burrow, R.Dourthe, B.Rannie, J.Swabey.
Stephen Mulliner (England)
Sarah Burrow (Jersey)
Peter Payne (Switzerland)
Fernando de Ansorena (Spain)
Philip Archer (Guernsey)
    S.Burrow beat S.Mulliner
    S.Burrow beat P.Payne
    S.Burrow beat F.De Ansorena
    S.Burrow beat P.Archer
    S.Mulliner beat P.Payne
    S.Mulliner beat F.De Ansorena
    S.Mulliner beat P.Archer
    P.Payne beat F.De Ansorena
    P.Payne beat P.Archer
    F.De Ansorena beat P.Archer
Qualifiers: S.Burrow, S.Mulliner, P.Payne, F.De Ansorena.
Tony Le Moignan (Jersey)
Cliff Jones (Wales)
Martin Hodge (Jersey)
Kevin Garrad (Isle of Man)
Leopold Walderdorff (Austria)
    A.Le Moignan beat M.Hodge
    A.Le Moignan beat K.Garrad
    A.Le Moignan beat C.Jones
    A.Le Moignan beat L.Walderdorff
    M.Hodge beat K.Garrad
    M.Hodge beat C.Jones
    M.Hodge beat L.Walderdorff
    K.Garrad beat C.Jones
    K.Garrad beat L.Walderdorff
    C.Jones beat L.Walderdorff
Qualifiers: A.Le Moignan, M.Hodge, K.Garrad, C.Jones.
Phli Cordingley (England)
Patsy Fitzgerald (Ireland)
Juan Ojeda (Spain) - did not play
Kevin Wells (Isle of Man)
Richard Sowerby (Jersey)
    P.Cordingley beat P.Fitzgerald
    P.Cordingley beat K.Wells
    P.Cordingley beat R.Sowerby
    P.Fitzgerald beat K.Wells
    P.Fitzgerald beat R.Sowerby
    K.Wells beat R.Sowerby
Qualifiers: P.Cordingley, P.Fitzgerald, K.Wells, R.Sowerby.

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Knockout - First Round

M.Burrow beat R.Sowerby
S.Burrow beat C.Jones
A.Le Moignan beat F.De Ansorena
P.Cordingley beat J.Swabey
R.Dourthe beat K.Wells
S.Mulliner beat J.Swabey
M.Hodge beat P.Payne
P.Fitzgerald beat B.Rannie

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Quarter Finals

S.Mulliner beat M.Burrow
S.Burrow beat R.Dourthe
P.Fitzgerald beat A.Le Moignan
P.Cordingley beat M.Hodge

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Semi Finals

S.Mulliner beat P.Cordingley
P.Fitzgerald beat S.Burrow

Third place playoff

S.Burrow beat P.Cordingley

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S.Mulliner beat P.Fitzgerald +14TP, +26TP

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Final placings

European Champion: Stephen Mulliner (England)
Runner up: Patsy Fitzgerald (Ireland)
Third place: Sarah Burrow (Jersey)
Fourth place: Phil Cordingley (England)

Most improved player: Simon Carlsson (Sweden)