A taster of the 10 games.

NOTE: There are a number of golf croquet variants so that you can involve golf croquet players in part of the day.

Alternate shot doubles is the basis for many of the games. A straightforward version to get everyone used to it with bisques for both sides. A chart is supplied to allocate bisques.

Could you play a few shots with your eyes closed? On one leg? Like to move an opposing ball anywhere you like? Whenever you run a hoop your opponents draw a chance card - some are good, some are bad.
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Collect more clothes pegs than your opponents. Get too much of a lead and your opponents may steal half your pegs with a sneaky peel.

Can you score more points playing alternate shots than your opponents? Unlimited bisques (at a cost) but little time!

An increasingly popular version of the game. Play cat and mouse or try a 12 hoop two ball break.

Alternate shot doubles with a twist. Canny play can send your opponents' clips back a hoop. Hare along too far and they'll get free bisques.

Standard golf croquet, but with the chance to clock up extra team points.

(golf croquet variant)

You might want to avoid being given the 'black spot' but you can't win without it. A game designed to give the underdog a better chance.

(golf croquet variant)

Teamwork counts in this version. Gain an extra shot, especially useful when you're stymied.

(golf croquet variant)

Are you a marauder or a collector? Collect more pegs than your opponents while disrupting their plans and even stealing some of their pegs.

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Last updated: 1st June 1997