Some information about 'Fun Days'.


The ten games

What is a 'Fun Day'?

A 'fun day' is an opportunity to involve all members of your club in light hearted competition.
As games last between 20 minutes and an hour or so, six or seven different games can be played in the day.

There are currently 10 games available including some golf croquet games which can involve both association and golf croquet members. Apart from these, all games are played as alternate shot doubles so that every member of the club can take part on equal terms.

Fun days are an excellent chance to get all members of the club together and to introduce new members and occasional players into the club.

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What's in the 'Fun Day' pack?

A booklet for the organiser which includes:

Full instructions for each game for pinning on a noticeboard.

Pocket size versions of the rules for handing out as reference (supplied as masters for photocopying).

Chance cardsSeveral packs of 20 chance cards for Flamingos (supplied on A4 card for cutting up).

Team sheets, result sheets, etc. (supplied as master sheets for photocopying).

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The Croquet Quiz

The master copy of this photocopies to an 8 page A5 booklet with questions on the laws, wiring, general croquet knowledge and several questions on decisions in play with diagrams.

Several pages from the quiz are viewable in full by clicking the torn extracts...

This proved very popular in the club and led to an intermediate coaching course being run for players who realised they needed to understand more about the game. [The 15 page manual which accompanied the course has been used as the basis for the Tips pages and is also available at £3 (3 pounds sterling) a copy].

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How do I go about getting the pack, quiz or coaching booklet?

If you are in the U.K. send a cheque made payable to The Jersey Hospice* to:

The Fun Day pack is £20 (20 pounds sterling).
A master copy of the croquet quiz book is £5 (5 pounds sterling). See previous section.
The 15 page coaching booklet (used as the basis for the Tips pages) is £7 (7 pounds sterling).

All cheques to be made to The Jersey Hospice
* If you prefer to give to a charity of your choice, please contact me first.

If you are outside the U.K. please contact me first to sort out postage - email:

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Last updated: 22nd February 1998

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