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A bit about Jersey

Map Jersey is situated in the bay of Mont St. Michel, Normandy, France, some 80 miles south of England but only 15 miles west of Carteret and 33 miles north of St. Malo.

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, 60 square miles with a population of 80,000 and its own unique system of government. To quote Victor Hugo,

"les Iles de la Manche sont des morceaux de France tombes dans la mer et ramasses par l'Angleterre. De la une nationalite complexe les Jerriais et Guernesiais ne sont certainement pas anglais sans le vouloir mais ils sont francais sans le savoir."

Jersey is perhaps best known for its cows and the Jersey Royal new potatoes. For an excellent site devoted to Jersey try thisisjersey.

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The Jersey Croquet Club

The Jersey Croquet Club was founded in 1982 with a membership of five. This number has grown to the present membership level of approximately 60 of whom several are Golf Croquet players. The Club has four lawns of international standard. We are a member of the SCF.

The Club has a very busy season for, besides club tournaments, there is the annual Inter-Insular against Guernsey, and regular international matches against France, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, and Switzerland. The highlight of the season is the Championship of Jersey held in July.

Since 1996 the Club has hosted the European Championships. In 1996 Simon Williams from Ireland was the winner in an excellent final against England's Steve Comish.  Local champion, Matthew Burrow, then only 16 years old, played extremely well to take third place with consecutive triples.

In the past we also held many 'Fun Days' which involve all members - golf croquet, beginners through to triple peelers.

Apart from playing croquet there is also a strong social side to the Club with a full programme of events throughout both the playing season and non-playing winter months.

Any croquet player visiting Jersey can be assured of receiving a warm and friendly welcome at the Club which is to be found at Les Quennevais Playing Fields, St. Brelade in the west of the island.

Now you know where we are you have no excuse for not visiting our beautiful island and enjoying all that it has to offer, especially the croquet.

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