Update: April 2009:
Keith Aiton beat Stephen Mulliner 3-1 (+26TP, -25TP, +13TP, 26QP) to win the Jackson's Croquet Championship of Jersey. JEP report | Croquet Association report.
Congratulations to Jersey's Gavin Carter for winning the Plate. Many thanks to Jackson's for their kind sponsorship.

Update: September 2008:
Stephen Mulliner beats Simon Williams 2-1 to win the European Championship and maintain the "Mulliner sequence"*.
Congratulations to James Le Moignan for winning both the Jersey Open Championship and the Spencer Ell. New website for the Fédération Européenne de Croquet launched.

Update: 15th October 2007:
Results and photos for the 2007 European Championship.

Update: 27th September 2007:
David Openshaw beats Stephen Mulliner 2-1 to win the European Championship and maintain the "Mulliner sequence".
* The "Mulliner sequence" has now been maintained for 15 years - Stephen wins 3 times and then loses twice, always to different people (see the sequence).

Update: 20th September 2007:
European Champion Tony Le Moignan wins the Chairman's Salver.

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Main features

Croquet Tips - test your wits
The Tips page has 14 pages on playing breaks, using bisques and general tactics. Aimed at intermediate players the pages are in the form of questions with diagrams and explanations.
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Croquet Fun Days
Over the years we have held several 'Fun Days' which have proved very popular and an excellent way of getting the whole club together and introducing new people.
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A croquet quiz
An 8 page A5 booklet with questions on the laws, wiring, general croquet knowledge and decisions in play with diagrams.
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Chance cards Got the T-shirt? Get the monogrammed flannel
Our "Fun Pack", the Croquet Quiz (master copies for photocopying) and an Intermediate Coaching manual are all available from here with all proceeds going to charity.

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About the Jersey Croquet Club (with a bit about Jersey). This welcome page.
The JCC calendar (including the new Summer School). A brief description of the game and its attractions.
All international and domestic results from 1984. 14 tips in Q & A format with diagrams.
All about our Fun Days and how to run your own. Our 8 page quiz on laws and play.
How to contact us and other European contacts. Links to other croquet sites.

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