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Jerry Dorey
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Jersey Half Marathon 1998
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Personal pages
The astonishingly easy bread recipe
The original Potter's bread recipe
The Waldeck datestone recorded
Built by Liz's great grandfather, Moses Le Brun [scroll to No. 918]
Christmas Eve 1999
First Tower flooded
Private Eyes
Should they be sold? [Get to the point - Ed]
Sudoku grid (print from a Mac)
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Multiple windows
The best time saver there is
Avoid headaches when scrolling
A lot of people don't know this one
Get what you want from search engines
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Links outside MNLG.COM
Super fast search with best guess option, Alibris (or Bibliofind)
Guaranteed to have that out-of-print book
Potters Restaurant, Cambridge
The place to be from 1975-1981
Internet Movie Database
The only site for film reference
British TV Comedy Resources
Phil Hill's site just gets better and better
Chris Neary
Early days for this site from my PC guru
Design tutorials and wacky interfaces
Good site for checking domain names
Jumpline web hosting
Mine host
This is Jersey
Daily updates
Ask Jeeves
Search engine - lets you type in a sentence
Many types of printable graph paper

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